My New Bathroom.

This green living is a time-consuming hobby.  Every day I spend several hours on the tasks that have not been done by civilised housewives for a couple of generations.

After the ritual of preparing myself to face the world, (now a delight with my sparkling clean, warm and luxurious new bathroom) I spent a couple of hours battling the dust left by the builders, with the cheerful help of the lovely Romanian mum from next door.  She is helping me to re-organise the chaos in return for a surplus washing machine which I found amongst mountains of junk in the utility room and restored to working order.  If I had known it was there, I should not have bought a new one, as there seems to be very little difference between them.  Still, too late now, I do not need two and hers was leaking badly, which is no fun when you live with a builder husband and father-in-law and have two tiny children.

Alone in the re-organised kitchen, first I made a stack of wholemeal pancakes to use as wraps with salad and home-made liver paté.  Then I cooked some Thai style fish cakes with parsley, mashed potatoes, peas and (home-made again) hot, sweet green pepper sauce.  Then a tortilla of eggs and wholemeal flour topped with a thick layer of grated cheese took care of left-overs from the fridge.

Next, I strained, blended and bottled drinks and smoothies of water kefir, kombucha tea and yoghourt, refreshed the cultures and set them to work again.

The next job was sorting stored fruit and vegetables to use up anything that will not keep.  So, a pan of onion soup, a jug of orange juice, baked wedges of squash and white cabbage hearts, a tomatone (storing tomato) salsa and a chicory salad.

Lunched off a bit of everything, before putting it away for use during the week.  Also treated myself to a glass of homemade wine. Image

Morning on the Finca.

Then I set off to the finca to collect more vegetables. There are brocolli spears, endives, leeks, calçots, chard and radishes as well as standing potatoes, cabbage, chicory, carrots, garlic, fennel and jerusalem artichokes, all waiting to be harvested, cleaned, cooked, pickled, bottled or eaten in any other way that takes my fancy.  I also need to collect a bag of greens for my neighbour’s grandson’s rabbits.


One comment on “WHERE DID THE MORNING GO ?

  1. suchwildlove says:

    I love reading about your life!

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