Halloween in Riba-roja

Grapes. leeks, pomegranates, peppers and a watermelon destined to replace the Halloween pumpkin

Multi-purpose harvest

My pumpkins succumbed to the drought so I used this last watermelon from the finca

A pretty watermelon for Halloween

In the evening a group of trick or treaters came to visit.

An aggressive pair of pirates, two witches and a pretty little princess

the kids would not keep still and I dropped my camera – but you can’t win them all

Trick or treat? What do you think ?
They were rewarded with this lovely, juicy plate of fresh eyeballs.
not very appetising to my mind

But the kids loved them

Of course, despite the best efforts of a nearby supermarket, Halloween has not really caught on amongst the locals, so it is mainly the ex-patriots, English, North and South American, German, Dutch (we are a polyglot community in this tiny village), who take part. The Spanish have their fiesta tomorrow for All Souls night when they traditionally visit their cemetaries and light candles for their dead.


One comment on “Halloween in Riba-roja

  1. I am afraid it still takes me ages to post a blog. I keep losing pictures and updates and spend hours doing them over and again – but I’m learning. The post is now much more complete than when you visited.

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